Camp Lunch Menu

Camp Lunch Menu

Provided by Local unless noted 



Monday: Quesadilla


      Grilled flour tortilla filled with picked Chicken, cheddar cheese blend served with sour cream


Tuesday: Pasta with Marinara on the side

        Shell Pasta, tossed with a little bit of olive oil & butter. House made marinara sauce on the side.


Wednesday: Nauti Dolphin Cheese Pizza       


Thursday: Chicken Tenders

        All natural antibiotic and hormone free chicken, golden fried and served with honey mustard dipping

Friday: Mac and Cheese


       Shell pasta tossed with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce




**Each lunch item includes a chefs choice vegetable or fruit item except for pizza day. 


A message from Local:

We fry in Trans fat free soybean oil.

The above items do not include peanuts, or shellfish.  Our kitchen however, contains peanuts and shellfish. We are committed to safely preparing these lunch items. As you know nothing in life is perfect.  If there is a potential issue with any ingredient,we ask that you are prepared also.