Sportsplex@Fairfield “TUESDAYS” 2017-2018


If school is cancelled or an early dismissal is called- there are NO afterschool programs. 

Optional bus pick up from school!

Fairfield Ice AcademyLearn to Skate    (3:15-4 pm)   Grades K and up

Come Learn to Skate in a personalized small group setting.  At FIA you will learn the fundamentals of ice skating while having fun.  Our lessons are geared toward the children.  Our professional instructors will conduct classes in a positive atmosphere, making learning to skate a fun experience for recreational, hockey and figure skaters of all ages!The students are divided up by age and ability.  Watch how quickly they learn!

Ballroom Dance Sport (3:15-4 pm) Boys & Girls Ages 7-9

First step for Children into Ballroom Dancing. Kids learn the foundations of the body motion, the rhythm and musicality, develop poise and self confidence. Our instructors make all students feel comfortable on the dance floor by encouraging them to learn at their own pace to
master the basic steps of popular fun dances Cha Cha, Waltz, Swing etc.

Rock Climb Fairfield  (3:15-4 pm)     Grades 2nd and up

Rock Climb Fairfield's after school program is a fun, indoor rock climbing course for school aged children. Our certified instructors will coach students on the basics of climbing technique in an encouraging, non-competitive environment. All equipment including climbing shoes, harness, and helmet are included. Instructor-student ratio is 1:6.

Fit Club     (3:15-4 pm)     Grades 2nd and up

At Fit Club kids are taught the values of respect, and are spoken to about bullying. We teach kids to be aware of their actions and how it can affect others. Coaches introduce self-defense techniques, defense maneuvers as well as engaging them in fun fitness activities! Fit Club focuses on keeping your body fit. Benefits from our program include building endurance, coordination, improving concentration, increasing strength, and so much more!

Brain Boost  (3:15-4 pm)     Grades K -8

Brain Boost is a Math and computer learning center. 
We teach coding to kids by building fun games and apps using Scratch, Java script and also Minecraft mods. We also teach Robotics using Lego Mindstorm ev3.
The lessons are fun and interactive. We work with kids imaginations to make coding/robotics interesting.   Let's all build games and not just play them !

World Champion Taekwondo (3:15-4 pm)     Grades K-8

Develop Self Confidence and "I can do it" attitude!  Improve self-discipline for better behavior at home.  Sharpen listening skills for improved grades.  Set a goals and work hard to earn belt and trophy.  Improve endurance, flexibility and strength.