About Our Field House Elite Travel Lacrosse Program:

Field House Elite (Flying Tigers) is a blended training program for advanced youth lacrosse players. Elite teams practice at our indoor box lacrosse facility as well as on neighboring full-size fields to integrate a diverse set of skills and concepts, and to cultivate well-rounded, creative players. Coaches work to prepare these teams to compete in tournaments against the best programs in the region. Players are invited to join Field House Elite based on their performance in past Field House Lacrosse clinics and leagues.

Why play both box and field lacrosse?

The recent impact of Canadian players on the NCAA lacrosse landscape has opened up eyes to the benefits of teaching box lacrosse concepts at the youth level. Coaches are finding success on the biggest stage recruiting players with an indoor background because of their superior stick skills and creativity. By blending the skills mastered on the box field with the tactics and strategy exclusive to the full field, ‘hybrid’ players are poised to thrive at every stop along their lacrosse career. Many of the top youth lacrosse programs in the country are now exploring box options for their developing players.

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Flying Tiger Philosophy

For this unique, blended training program, we have developed a unique philosophy. We know your children have fun playing with us because they continually come back for more. We also know you, as parents, trust our ability as coaches and mentors and appreciate the values we instill in our players. Our goal for Field House Elite is to create and elevate dominant youth lacrosse teams made up of highly efficient, unselfish players. With exclusive team sessions both indoors and out, the drills, games and scenarios we run are designed to quicken and boost the level of play, while producing competitive matchups for all players. Communication will improve as well as that all-important Lax IQ. All players will be coached to excel at the next level of lacrosse, and playing time at events will be appropriately equal.


Boys - Class of 2027