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The Field House


The Field House is Fairfield's premier indoor turf field. We offer a host of league play, tournaments, camps and clinics.

Whether your child is new to sports or improving their skills, our talented instructors are here to provide your child with the attention they deserve. Come check out our facility and find out why we have become one the top training centers in the area!


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Pre-K Field Games



Field Games is a fun program for kids ages 2-3yrs old. The class offers a variety of exciting games that introduces children to the world of sports. Some games are specifically choosen because they help teach a certain concept for a particular sport. Others are just plain old fun and kids enjoy playing them with their new friends. Overall, the program provides a good outlet for kids to release energy, learn how to play in a structured setting and get some exercise too!

Class duration: 45 minutes

An Example of games played: What time is it, Mr. Fox?, Sharks and Minnows, Spiderball, Freeze Tag, Red Light/Green Light, Wax Museum, and more!


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