Two sports, one affordable camp. Your child will love playing both hockey and lacrosse, two very similar games brought together by The Field House \FYL and The Ice Academy!


June 26 - 30 | Boys Ages 7-9

July 31-August 4 | Boys Ages 5-7

August 14-18 | Girls Ages 7-9 




At The Field House, the curriculum will incorporate technical and dynamic drills to improve stick skills and quickness (groundballs, passing, dodging,shooting), defensive training to work on both sides of the ball, situational drills to develop Lacrosse IQ, controlled scenarios focusing on offensive spacing and help defense (2v1s, 3v2s, fast breaks), full-field scrimmages and Chumash. Full protection required (shoulder, elbow, helmet, gloves, stick, mouthpiece) 


At the Ice Academy your athlete with train in a vigorous environment. On ice instruction will consist of fast paced passing and shooting, intense skating, and aggressive battle drills. Video analysis will be used to correct and improve mechanics, form, and performance.